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Why AIT?

Why AIT?

Boeing and Airbus have initiated the adoption of Automated Identification Technology (AIT) for the electronic part marking of aircraft components on commercial aircrafts. This move can significantly improve the assembly, management and maintenance of aircraft components in the supply chain. Our document on ‘Visualizing the Value Chain’ can help you better understand what Airbus wants to accomplish with this technology.

You may have already received a request from these companies to comply. Perhaps you’re holding off, wondering whether it’s really necessary. Or you may be confused about the way forward.

Fujitsu is here to make this process easy for you. This site gives you an overview on how you can go about implementing AIT and answers any queries you may have with regards to meeting Boeing and Airbus’ AIT requirements.

How will you benefit from adopting AIT?

In addition to ensuring a continued relationship with Boeing and/or Airbus, complying with the AIT requirements can considerably improve your internal processes:

  • Quality control at the inspection and shipping stage. The RFID tags can be read without a direct line of sight to the tag (unlike barcode).
  • Quality control when receiving parts for repair. You can use the barcode and the RFID to check in and check out parts in your repair process. You can also record information such as new calibration/expiration/next service date onto the tag once the service is complete.
  • Parts tracking in the manufacturing process. If you use fixed RFID readers, you can identify parts as they enter a station, giving you visibility into the manufacturing/repair process.

How can you best adopt AIT?

Our 24x7 Global Support Center offers a variety of service levels to meet customer’s needs.

Here’s a look at the key steps we take during the engagement:

  • We conduct an online demo for your team.
  • We develop customized sample tags with you for your response package to the Airbus/Boeing request.
  • We address the technical requirements specific to your products.
  • We work with you to develop timelines and prepare an action plan.

Here are the key features of our RFID and Sensor Solution:

  • Advanced AIT solution
    • Integrated label tags designed specifically for part marking in the aviation industry
    • Variety of other tags for different applications (e.g., supply chain, inspection)
    • Highest memory capacity tag (64Kbytes)
    • File management system for high-capacity RFID tags to store proprietary information
  • A comprehensive range of AIT products for aviation components part marking
    • AS5678-compliant tags for harsh environments
    • ATA Spec2000-compliant software for read/write operations on tags
    • AS9100-C certified quality management
    • Qualified by Airbus and Boeing for their respective part marking applications